Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Productivity is memorio-habitual in nature

A friend just shared this little article on productivity apps. The article raises questions on the claims of such apps.

The forms of internet-enabled communication have changed every sphere of life. Apps that offer good communication structures certainly help. But again different structures suit different kinds of people. And now there's also an issue of how many communication structures do people adopt to really stay productive, even if we debate the meaning of 'productivity'?

My observation is that folks that can work well with their memories (not the app ones or computer ones. One has to remember at least the name of the app or the location of the folder on the computer screen or hard disk to use the app or the folder) are productive. Mind you, I am not saying 'folks that memorize well'. I am saying folks that can work well with their memories. The way memories work, quite a bit of it is still a mystery. But the triggers you can offer your memory to respond to make the memories work anyway.

On the mobiles or computers, all apps, apart from communicational functions, trigger memories in certain ways. Cockpit Planner also offers triggers that helps one work well with one's memories.

Try the apps. Try the Cockpit Planner. See the difference.

I don't use productivity apps anymore.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Watching Zuckerberg's Ultra-sexy Back

So this video of Mr. Modi with Zuckerberg has gone viral.

I am no big fan of Modi. I like some of the things about him, some I don't. But Modi's critics have lapped this up. They've found in this little video, a visual-symbolic representation of everything 'bad/silly/funny' that Modi stands for.

If you rewatch the video clip, one which has clear/good sounds surrounding this little moment of the event, you'll hear:
"Sir, this side..."
And after these few words, this particular gesture from Modi takes place.

I heard these words when someone forwarded this clip to me on Whatsapp.

Who could've said these words? Rocket Science? I guess someone from the folks handling photography on this particular occasion!

Would we want to watch Zuckerberg's back in the pics that come out for this event?

The way our culture has shaped, we are always craving for visual clips and sound bytes of all types, especially of all those folks whom we treat as celebs, dignitaries, politicians and weird people. A head of state would anyway be covered extensively, photographically or otherwise, for the home country.

I've had numerous numerous ordinary experiences at social functions where the person clicking pics insists on looking in a certain direction, and then we consciously or unconsciously arrange ourselves for the pic. Am sure, has happened to all of us.

Here the entire aggregation of critics have ended up doing an extensive analysis. And that is India's trouble as well. India's critics are way too restless to criticize and way less sharp in their criticism.

In stead of wallowing like typical moronic-MBA-like analysts, let's prepare ourselves with greater rigor, and criticize the important - something that has far-reaching impact. Our time and words and energy are far more valuable.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Meaning of WATCH

For a long time now I've been asking myself why is WRIST WATCH called so? Especially, why is it called WATCH.

So here's what Google has to show when we search for 'etymology of watch':


Check the etymology here. In the sense of a verb, it even hints at "to be strong, lively".

From the link above, in Old English it also carried a meaning of "act or practice of refraining from sleep for devotional or penitential purposes"!
I like that 'penitential purpose'. Industrial assembly lines ensured working 'by the watch' and making it absolutely penitentiary. From my observation, folks into white-collar desk-jobs feel equally penitential these days. They work by the watch and beyond the watch.

I wonder how a wrist watch keeps us awake, except in the sense of reminding us when the boredom of a timed job would get over before one can fall asleep at will. It's your memory of what you want to do or would like to do that keeps you awake, that truly keeps you watchful.

Try Cockpit Planner. It might become your watch "to be strong, lively".

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Floods, Beer, Food and Petrol

River can't dictate waters. It gets flooded sometimes. And it floods the surroundings sometimes.

Bladder can only retain so much liquid, no matter how much you love your beer.

The tummy has a limit too. Beyond a point, it adds to your obesity and then to a lot many undesirable things.

You can't fill the car's petrol tank beyond the mouth of the tank.

Suppose a lot of desirable stuff cost next to nothing. How much would you fill your house or godown or storage space with?

Supplies can increase tremendously. They can impact you badly, sometimes very obviously, sometimes not very obviously.

Ever wondered what impact the smartphone (rather specifically the various forms of social media, and particularly whatsapp), that seems to have increased the number of messages you receive every minute, has had on our capacity to work with our minds and to pay attention to matters that matter?

We want water, we want beer, we want food, we want petrol, we want to hear from people... Goes without saying. How much? For what? I believe a few glances into your Cockpit Planner during the day will help you get a sense of answers to those questions. How much? For what?